My studio practice evolves from on site drawings of urban structures and seascapes, 

decaying surfaces and storm damage debris are transformed using elements of collage, sand and other salvaged materials.

In spring 2018 I travelled to Lisbon, and then on to an art residency in Mertola, Portugal, where I created a series of outside works leading to a summer screen printing workshop in Edinburgh Printmakers. There I experimented with the drawings, applying additional inks, paints and collage onto the finished prints, thus producing a variety of monotypes, individually executed.

I shall be showing some of the larger paintings at the Pop-Up Gallery in Dundas Street, Edinburgh across two separate shows: 'Romantic Fictions, in October 2019, and 'Spoondrift' in December 2019, alongside a selection of prints.

More information about these and previous exhibitions can be found in the 'News' section of this website. 




© 2018 by Jamie Gordon. 

Background image: Amusements (II), Mixed media on paper. 2014.