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Over the past 2 years I have travelled northwards to make on-site drawings & conduct research which I then use in my studio for larger and mixed media pieces.


A recent move to Forres and Findhorn has given me a renewed opportunity to continue looking at coastlines and sealife along the Moray Firth and Caithness which are fantastic places to observe sea life including the surfing community.


In these locations I make on-site drawings which are used as a source for larger scaled paintings (and occasional monotypes) in my Forres studio.The harbours and surf life in these locations edges into much of my outside drawings before transition to the studio.

My travels have invoked a deeper insight into issues surrounding climate change and societal complexities, often exploring the interconnectivity between human/animal relations; and within this context my destinations have become more adventurous. On the Faroe Isles, I met with residents and academics who spoke about the recent levels of tourism and how they are managing this (particularly towards a sustainable approach within the fishing and sheep industry)

In the Faroes, sheep are viewed not only in economic terms but treated with a certain level of reverence, i.e. sheep shelters are provided for them when the weather  deteriorates. The motif of human and non-human interrelationships is frequently revisited in my work and working in inaccessible locations such as the Orkney Isles and the Faeroes is exciting and rewarding.

The fantastic backdrops of Scottish oceanic panoramas, fjords and sea stacks are key to an abstract way of painting in which I add elements of printmaking to the images.

I shall be showing some of the work in this years (2023) Coburg Studios Exhibition in Leith, Edinburgh; St. Margaret's House in Edinburgh and Moray Art's Centre (MAC) in Findhorn in Summer of 2024 alongside Aileen Paton

Inspiration for this latter show comes from different areas of Scotland (Caithness, Moray Firth and beyond) where many now defunct harbours serviced the herring and flagstones industries, Castledown, for exampleThese environments with changing seas and colours of the flagstone walls present a unique place for landscape drawing and painting and the MAC provide a wonderful art space to show this work.


More information about these and other exhibitions can be found in the 'News' section of this website. 



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